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Buy house in Kathmandu in cheap price

Every Nepalese living in the country or abroad has a dream to own a house in Kathmandu Nepal. Kathmandu is now getting over crowded and never been a very healthy place to live. Buying a land in kathmandu or buying a house in kathmandu has become less affordable in past few years. buying house or land close to kathmandu is another alternative for people who cant afford expensive Property. Its hard to get a clean water, everything in the city smells, Its overly crowded and polluted.

Sankhu has become the fresh and cleaner residental alternative around Kathmandu to live in, It is located 17km from kathmandu. It takes about 40mins-1hour to get into city from Sankhu. Sankhu is considered most affordable place to live closer to kathmandu as you can still buy land around kathmandu for about 1-2lakh per anna. You can affordably buy a house made in four anna land for under 40Lakhs. Land in Sankhu has become another potential investment and its closer to a favourate tourist destination Nagarkot from where you can see the Mt Everest.